Good Bye Mosquitos !

Good Bye Mosquitos !

Annoying insects can spoil a beautiful summer night or even deprive you of sleep. With our advice you can beat them more easily.
In the summer it is great to sleep with the window open, sit on the balcony, in the garden or all outdoors with a cool drink and enjoy a quiet night under the starry sky. Sounds like a perfect summer afternoon if it weren't for the annoying mosquitoes drinking our blood. What can you do about it?
Did you know that insects are attracted to perfume? Fortunately, the opposite is true! There are odors that they don't like and therefore avoid.

6 tips to avoid them

1. Decorate your terrace or sill with some plants! For example, the aroma of basil, geranium, fresh lavender, mint, rosemary, tomato, frankincense or lemon balm has a deterrent effect on pests.
Aromatic candles, perfume diffusers and incense sticks also help as an alternative to plants.

2. With perfumes or shower gels with a strong smell you have to be careful, the strong and floral scent has an attractive effect on them.

3. If you want to use natural active ingredients, it is recommended that you use ingredients such as lavender, cloves or lemon oil.

4. Long open clothes do not attract parasites as well as dark colors.

5. Because they collect in places where there is water (they usually reproduce there) avoid "stagnant water". The rain barrel and children's pool should be covered at night. Make sure there are no pots / pans full of water for a long time!

6. A classic protection that is not always easy to use outdoors is a mosquito net.

If it is too late and you itch, lavender and tea tree oil can be soothing. Put the oils diluted, selectively on the spots.
Other "useful" oils: kazeput, eucalyptus, chamomile (blue), lemongrass, mint, sage or lemon oil - but be careful, these "can" cause slight redness and therefore you should only use them in small amounts and mostly to adults.
Make a spray for mosquitoes and rubbish

You need insect repellent spray
• 1 empty spray bottle (100 ml)
• 100 ml of distilled or boiled water
• 3 ml of high strength alcohol
• 20 drops of essential oil - lavender, lemongrass, mint, thyme or cedar - you can also combine the oils.
How to make the spray:

First put the alcohol in the bottle, close the bottle and shake it well. Then you can add water and oil and repeat the process.

Our advice: Shake the spray well before use so that all the ingredients are well mixed again.

Make your own body oil against mosquitoes

• 50 ml of essential oil such as jojoba or almond oil
• 5 drops of each oil of lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus and citronella

Drizzle the essential oils on the selected base oil and shake well. You can apply the final body oil on your hands and feet. For children, you need to halve the amount of essential oil!

Enjoy the summer without mosquitoes!

(In children, essential oils are always used in low doses and carefully!)