Anise: creates an optimistic mood, dispels fear, stimulates the body, infuses confidence, strengthens the stomach, skin conditioning, expectorant, prevents bloating, promotes understanding and adaptability.
Bay: antiseptic, disinfecting, tranquilizers and strengthens nerves, promotes hair growth, toning, astringent.
Basil: relaxing, promotes digestion, spasmolytic, sleep inducing, skin cleansing, strengthens nerves, body toning, mentally stimulating.
Bergamot: stimulating or calming depending on your state of mind, antidepressant, mood lifting, digestive, skin conditioner, spasmolytic, astringent, deodorizing, main component for “Eau de Cologne“, also found in black tea.
Βlack Pepper: stimulates blood circulation, warming, spasmolytic, builds up energy, sexually stimulating, relaxing.
Cajeput: astringent, sedative, supports decision making, improves concentration, mind balancing, fights colds, coughs and runny noses.
Cedarwood: calming, centering, antidepressant, dispels fear, gently eroticizing, grounding, skin conditioning.
Chamomile Blue: calming, relaxing, dispels fear, sensitizing, toning, vasoconstricting, spasmolytic, antidepressant, reduces stress, digestive, sleep inducing, skin conditioning.
Chamomile Moroccan: regulates the cycle and relieves period pains, acts as an anti-inflammatory in rheumatism and arthritis, relieves gastritis, peptic ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, inflammation of cystitis, helps to liver problems.
Cinnamon: stimulating, warming, heart and nerve strengthening, astringent, eroticizing, stimulates circulation, very robust.
Citronella: antiseptic, astringent, skin cleansing, spasmolytic, raises pulse rate, refreshes and clears up your mind, java oil has a more delicate scent.
Clove: stimulates and strengthens body and mind, heightens concentration, spasmolytic, pain relieving, air disinfectant.
Coriander: stimulates body and mind, appetite stimulant, digestive, toning, spasmolytic, warming, eroticising.
Cypress: nerve balancing, centering, oestrogen-like, astringent, skin conditioning.
Dwarf Pine: toning, stimulates your mind, enhances breathing, air purifier, disinfectant.
Eucalyptus: air purifying, generally stimulating, estrogenlike, improves concentration, mucolytic, stimulates breathing.
Fennel: relaxing, digestive, spasmolytic, detoxifying, appetite stimulant, oestrogen-like.
Fir Cone: stimulates blood circulation, antiseptic, activates circulation, air purifιer.
Frankincense: calming, centering, grounding, mind-expanding, sleep inducing, astringent, skin conditioning, subtly eroticizing.
Geranium: nerve strengthening, mind balancing, dispels fear, reduces stress, oestrogen-like, toning, diuretic, tissue lifting, astringent, skin conditioning and healing.
Grapefruit: physically stimulating and skin lifting, antiseptic, stimulates blood circulation, skin cleansing, euphoriant, regulates your mind.
Ginger: slightly pungent, stimulates body and mind, warming, strengthening, spasmolytic, eroticising, appetite stimulant.
Hyssop: regulates blood pressure, generally strengthening, regenerating, nerve strengthening, mentally stimulating, spurs creativity, appetite stimulant.
Jasmin: antidepressant, mood lifting, eroticising, calming, spasmolytic, improves concentration, skin conditioning.
Juniper: generally toning and robusting, mentally stimulating, nerve strengthening, astringent, skin cleansing, detoxifying, eroticizing.
Lavender: calming relaxing, nerve strengthening, dispels fear, digestive, spasmolytic, sleep inducing, cardiotonic, analgesic, skin conditioning, cell renewing, deodorizing.
Lemon: heart and nerve strengthening, detoxifying, hypotensive, stimulates circulation, astringent, skin clarifier, heightens concentration, air disinfectant, refreshing.
Lemongrass: stimulates body and mind, heightens concentration, alleviates pain, deodorizing, tissue lifting, air purifier, refreshing.
Lime: antidepressant, stimulates your mind, mood lifting, digestive, skin toning, deodorizing.
Marjoram: calming, nerve strengthening, spasmolytic, reduces stress, sleep inducing, digestive, warming, hypotensive, toning.
Melissa: toning, antidepressant, nerve strengthening, cardiotonic, hypotensive.
Myrrh: sedative, relaxing, dispels fear, astringent, skin conditioning.
Myrtle: strengthening, stimulates the mind, clarifying, centering, heightens concentration, dispels fear, reduces adrenaline, skin cleansing, skin toning, astringent, deodorizing, air purifier.
Neroli: calming, relaxing, dispels fear, antidepressant, cardiotonic, spasmolytic, gently eroticising.
Niaouli: stimulates tissue, pain relieving, antiseptic, skin cleansing, cell regenerating.
Nutmeg: stimulates body and mind, calming, eroticising, digestive, warming.
Orange: calming, mood lifting, antidepressant, spasmolytic, dispels fear, skin conditioning, oestrogen-like.
Orange bitter: antidepressant, mood lifting, spasmolytic, appetite stimulant, tissue strengthening, nerve strengthening.
Oregano: stomach tonic, toning, stimulates blood circulation, appetite stimulant, raises adrenalin level, body tonic, grounding.
Palmarosa: stimulates the body, antiseptic, skin conditioning, moisturizing, stimulates the mind, enticingly stimulating, confidence building.
Patchouli: calming, eroticising, toning, skin conditioning, grounding, centering.
Petitgrain: gently calming, nerve strengthening, skin conditioning.
Peppermint: stimulates the mind, heightens concentration, toning, pain relieving, digestive, detoxifying, skin clarifier, very refreshing.
Pine Needle: stimulates breathing, stimulates body and mind, air purifier.
Rose: relaxing, calming, antidepressant, cardiotonic, opens the heart, spurs creativity, mood lifting, dispels fear, eroticising, skin conditioning.
Rosemary: stimulates body and mind, nerve strengthening, warming, tissue strengthening, cardiotonic, astringent, diuretic, raises blood pressure.
Rosewood: harmonizing, spasmolytic, calming, sleep inducing, skin calming, skin conditioning, antidepressant, dispels fear, builds up energy.
Sage: generally stimulating, strengthening, spasmolytic, oestrogen-like, purging, raises blood pressure, astringent.
Sandalwood: relaxing, calming, sleep inducing, dispels fear, centering, antidepressant, eroticizing, skin conditioning.
Spruce Needle: physically toning, deodorizing, stimulates breathing, stimulates blood circulation, air purifier.
Tangerine: vitalising, blood cleansing, refreshing, skin clarifier, spirit lifting, mind balancing, mentally refreshing.
Tee Tree: germicide, fungicide, strengthens the immune system, astringent, for irritations and redness, skin clarifier and cleanser.
Thyme: mentally and physically stimulating, nerve strengthening, boosts concentration, raises blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, skin clarifier, detoxifying.
Verbena: boosts concentration, lightly euphoriant, cardiotonic, calming, antidepressant, boosts creativity.
Vetiver: calming, relaxing, grounding, centering, harmonizing, nerve strengthening, oestrogen-like, eroticising, reduces stress, skin conditioning.
Ylang Ylang: reduces adrenaline, heart calming, calms breathing, dispels fear, antidepressant, reduces stress, hypotensive, eroticizing, skin conditioning.
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