Mixtures Properties & Components

Arterial Tension bio 20sac
This tea helps keep your blood pressure low. With olive leaf, hawthorn, linden, orange.

Circulation bio 20sac
Designed to improve your circulation. With red wine, fennel, hibiscus, green tea. Combination of plants that improves the sanguine circulation and helps you in case of varicose veins, haemorroids. With Wine leaves, Fennel, Hibiscus and Green tea.

Colesterol bio 20sac
Helps improve your cholesterol levels. With alfalfa, orange, peppermint, aniseed.

Digestive bio 20sac
This infusion helps to reduce acidity and provide a healthy digestion. With fennel, aniseed, chamomile, linden.

Energy bio 20sac
This infusion helps your body to recover its vitality and to start the day with energy. With thyme, fennel, green tea.

Kidneys Cleaning bio 20sac
This tea helps cleanse your kidneys. With thyme, aniseed, calluna ononis.

Laxative bio 20sac
This infusion helps with your internal clock. It regulates your organism day after day. With senna, hibiscus, liquorice.

Prevengrip bio 20sac
This tea helps boost your body's defenses. With melisa, echinacea, aniseed, cypress, gordolobo, thyme, eukalyptus, genciana.

Purification bio 20sac
This infusion helps your body to strengthen, helping with the elimination of toxins and the re-loading of positive energy. With rosemary, aniseed, peppermint, liquorice, boldo.

Respiratory bio 20sac
Designed to enhance your respiratory system. With thyme, peppermint, majoran, fennel and eukalyptus.

Sleeping bio 20sac
This infusion helps your body to relax, reducing anxiety and nervousness, and preparing it for a pleasant sleep. With aniseed, verbena, lemon balm, liquorice, linden.

Slimming bio 20sac
This infusion helps you to eliminate what you do not need, keeping your figure and complementing the weight-loss diets. With rosemary, dandelion, linden, couchgrass.

Stress bio 20sac
This infusion is ideal for taking at night after dinner or just before going to bed to prepare our bodies for a pleasurable renovating sleep. It can also be taken before a session of relaxation, yoga class, etc. With Melissa, Tila, Lemon Verbena.

Indian Tea Garam Massala bio 20sac
Ayurvedic blend of spices, warm and stimulating. With cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, burdock, dandelion, fennel, aniseed, cardamon, coriander, pepper, clove, turmeric.
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